Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Interview with Dionne...

Well we're into the home stretch with Top Model Cycle 8! Woo-hoo! Only 3 girls left! And the winner will be named THIS WEEK, and I can't wait for Cycle 8 to come to a close to find out who the winner is! I spoke with Dionne last Friday after she was eliminated and she was probably one of the bubbliest personalities I've interviewed from this season so far! I liked her. She was one of my favorites from the very beginning. And she's crazy in love with her daughter. Her voice lit way up the moment I mentioned her! So check out my interview with her below and find out why she didn't tell Tyra that she had the most potential out of all the girls left, what her plans are for the future and why she won't name who she'd like to see win "America's Next Top Model".

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