Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cycle 8 Top Model Makeovers!

Well Cassandra was eliminated last night, and that was a bit of a bummer, but at least she got her wig upgraded before she was given the boot. See, that's called focusing on the positive. But still, it was a little sad to see her go. I think the rest of the girls took her departure pretty hard as well. I'll be talking to her later to find out exactly what she thinks went wrong. Anyways, the makeovers took place last night and I was all excited! But after everything was done and over, the only makeover I was really feeling was Dionne's. The rest of 'em were just... meh. But I'll tell you who gained major points with me after last nights episode, and that was Whitney! Not because of anything she did in any of the challenges, but because of her compassion toward Jael after Jael found out that her friend overdosed. Whitney prayed with her. On television. Unashamed. What a powerful moment in primetime T.V. Kudos, and Brava! To the CW Network for not cutting that scene. Real talk right there. Ok now, on to the makeovers...

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